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Meet the Team 


OWNER: Lila Davidson

Lila is BB.   BeachBumBB- a Luxury Vacation Rental Company created BB's Clean Team because only the BB BEST will do.  BB Team members are like family.  Loyalty, dedicated, supportive and proud to be the best.


OPERATOR: Stephanie 

With over 15 years in the hospitality business and family roots in owning cleaning businesses, she ensures the quality of employees, the rentals & cleans. The company goal of raising the vacation rental industry & cleaning industry standards never out of sight...




Executive Housekeeping Coach: Tammy

Highly motivated in producing beyond standard cleans, with focus not only on the clean but the small details that make all the difference.  She truly takes pride in her work and the work of her teammates. 



Maintenance:  Jordan Aycock

Keeping BB properies well maintained at all times.  Inspecting each unit multiple times a month to ensure everything is working well BEFORE guests arrive!  Stuff happens, but Jordan is on it immediately for that rare occasion a guest reports an issue.  NO PROBLEM!!  We are on it.

Learning and growing all the time and preparing to manage our next company, BB's Appliance, Maintenance, and Repair.



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