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What makes BB different?

When interviewing potential team members, a key question determines whether someone makes the cut... "Do you like cleaning."  A 'can-do' attitude will always breed a positive culture.  We appreciate the time needed to truly clean a rental to like-new condition for our arriving guests.

Plain & simple, BB's Clean Team members are people who enjoy the process of cleaning.  With this will always come positive and rightly motivated people to get the job done.

What type of products are used?

Our products are efficient as well as being cost-effective.  We use separate products and chemicals for each surface.  An antibacterial all-purpose substance for kitchen and sticky surfaces.  When we use bleach, it's only in bathroom areas where germs, hair, and grime like to gather. 


Of course, if there is something you're allergic to or have a preference for, we're happy to accommodate.

How do I know who is coming to my property?

Only those qualified!  Each team member goes through a period of training with supervision and has to meet particular goals move forward and stay employed.  Once that training is complete, members can begin to clean residences.  


We believe in saving our oceans.  We recycle and offer a weekly pickup service to our clients.  Please ask for more details.

Proud members of


'Quality Over Quantity.'  


Our company represents one of the most important vacation factors-

clean and well-maintained properties. 


We may not be perfect but we strive to see details others miss.  If it's not right, we want to make it right. 

Excellence is our goal. 

We Mean Clean!

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